Charlie Roan is a major character of the movie The Purge: Election Year. She is portrayed by American actress Elizabeth Mitchell.

Biography Edit

Charlie Roan is the current President Of The United States who won the presidency in 2040 by defeating minister Edwidge Owens and by being the first Female President Of The United States. She ran on a promise to end the purge but Owens does not. Charlie Roan is reelected in 2044 and in 2048. Edwidge Owens dies of depression in 2041 because he didn't become president. President Roan signs a bill to abolish The Purge and the NFFA. Her running mate is the Senator Of California and her name is Selena Robinson and she becomes the first Female African-African Vice President Of The United States. Vice President Robinson hates The Purge and agrees to abolish it, the same with the NFFA.

Biography Edit

During The Purge: Election Year Edit

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