Charlie Sandin is a major character of the movie The Purge. He is portrayed by American actor Max Burkholder.

Biography Edit

During The Purge Edit

During the purge Charlie and his family watch from their T.V. A while later, Charlie sees a bloody and injurer man on their security camera yell for help. He decides to open the door and let him in, before he promptly disappears and hides from Charlie’s family.

The people who intended to kill him ask for the man back, but when they cannot find him they start to break in.

Charlie is almost killed by one of the purgers, but his father kills the purger first.

The neighbour’s come and kill the rest of the purgers, but after they reveal that they were planning to kill the Sandins as they were tired of them “Flaunting there money.”.

Just as Charlie and his most her and sister were getting tied up, the man comes back and attacks the neighbours.

They were not killed, but left hostage.

At the end of the movie, the stranger leaves and Charlie is standing there looking at him.

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