Kimmy is one of the two secondary antagonists in "The Purge: Election Year". She is portrayed by Brittany Mirabilé.


Kimmy was a spoiled, sociopathic, and rich teenage brat who tried to steal a candy bar from Joe Dixon's shop, along with her friend. Joe caught them, and Laney Rucker forced them to return the candy bar and apologize.

During the purge, Kimmy dressed up as a freak bride, and returned to Joe's shop with her friends. After announcing that she had killed her parents and was going to break into the shop, Marco managed to shoot her in the right ear, causing a minor injury and forced her to leave.

Later, Kimmy returned with even more friends, and they attempted to break into the shop. While Kimmy was dancing with her friend in the middle of the road, Laney arrived and drove her van in high speed to hit them. Kimmy's friend was killed instantly, and she survived the attack, but after killing the girls who were trying to break into the shop, Laney returned and shot her in the head.

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