Laney Rucker is a major character of the movie The Purge: Election Year. She is portrayed by American actress Betty Gabriel.

The Purge: Election Year Edit

Laney Rucker is a character within Purge: Election Year and has survivor girl written all over her, in which she is. In the first scene Laney is introduced in the film, she is portrayed as being sentimental with Joe, a storeowner, and Marcos, who is an employee. Normally with characters on the sideline don't usually get a back story, however all three of their histories are developed throughout the movie. In another scene it is revealed that Laney is a well-known character in the film being describe as 'Little Death' by a girl shoplifting the store. Evidently, this portrays her as being a character that could survive the third sequel of the Purge franchise. This is confirmed when the store is being attacked on Purge night and she proceeds to shoot at the attackers, with the situation being concluded with Laney saying, "Little Death is back." However, despite her character hinting a ton of action, it isn't her who adds to the story as Laney is reduced towards someone who helps and aids the others in the group, rather than fuelling the tension and action. As the film goes on, she contributed by assisting in the groups travelling to where they need to go (as she is the one with the van) and being a helpful by being an extra shooter. Nonetheless, she survives during the film, being one of the characters in the closing scene which she remembers Joe, who dies after being shot by a rampaging priest who is attempting to assassinate the Senator.

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