Dr. May Updale is the creator and architect of The Purge. She used to think that one night where everyone could release their anger would've saved the United States of America.

History Edit

Sometime in the mid-21st century, Dr. May Updale announces an experiment to take place on Staten Island where, for 12 hours, citizens will be allowed to purge and release their inhibitions in any way they choose, allowing the United States of America to become a better place to live in, on live TV. She also says that the experiment has nothing to do with politics, but that it is a psychological device.

After many hours into the night, while staying at the NFFA headquarters watching videos of the experiment, Dr. Updale notices that the violence keeps rising and that it shouldn't be, so she starts investigating through the footage of the night and she discovers a video where trained mercenary groups kill multiple civilians. So Sabian, the chief of staff, explains that he sent the mercenaries to help balancing the attendance of people purging during the 12 hours, and to help killing the poor, because, in fact, the experiment was a political device since the beginning. It is a way to help the country by killing the poor and reduce the unemployment.

So Dr. Updale realizes that she's made a big mistake making the experiment, but before being capable of changing things, she’s secretly taken to a neighborhood where she is shot and killed. Sabian erases all the footage of the event.


  • She is one of main antagonists of The First Purge. She was advertised as the main antagonist solely.
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